Board of Directors

Tennielle Carter, Chair of the Board

Health. Friendship. Travel. Adventure. Education. Spin. Yoga. Run. Nature. Food. Love.

These are parts of Tennielle's life that empower and drive her forward, eager for personal growth and positivity. Tennielle has Bachelor of Physical and Health education from Laurentian University and a Masters in Teaching from Griffith Univeristy  on the Gold Coast of Australia. She is a Physical Education teacher and Athletic Coordinator in Oakville and dedicates each day of her career to inspire youth to join her, in the pursuit of health and happiness. Tennielle has been athletic all her life, playing soccer, softball, and volleyball and competing as a gymnast were her favourites. As an adult, she has developed a love for running and has embarked on numerous races; one marathon, one 1/2, a couple of 30kms and numerous 10kms. In her spare time, Tennielle loves to wander and travel the world,  adventuring with her husband, focus on her fitness with running, spinning, yoga and Pilates to name a few, and anything that has to do with nature and being outside in bare feet.  She has a passion for cooking and learning new cuisines and spending time with amazing girlfriends. 

She has been involved with SHE since the spring of 2014 where she started out as a blogger, sharing some of her stories, inspiration and body fuel recipes. Being able to continue to share these passions and inspirations with remarkable women is an honour for Tennielle. She is thrilled to further her involvement with the SHE community as Chair of the Board. Her aspirations are fierce as she hopes to expand SHE programs and share SHE's positive message to girls throughout the GTA. Tennielle wants to continue to help endorse a healthy culture and community with Shaping Her Esteem and hopes to expand and revolutionize girls perspectives through a holistic approach while emanating leadership, health and wellness and the importance of activity

Alex McGillivray

Always a busy bee, Alex has been active throughout her life and has participated in a variety of different activities such as competitive swimming, dance, basketball, soccer and rugby to name a few, but her real passion lies in adventuring, running, and triathlon.

She completed her first half marathon in 2014, and first triathlon in 2016. Often the only girl on sports teams growing up, she found herself feeling more like a boy than a girl, but ended up learning to feel like her most confident self through physical activity. It is because of this that Alex strongly believes exercise, sport, and movement can empower ALL young girls to be their most confident selves. She is hands down your biggest cheerleader and is so incredibly proud to be involved with SHE!

Alex graduated from McMaster University in 2006 and since then has worked in the non-profit sector. She is a proud Hamiltonian, Seattle Seahawks fan, and is married to her handsome bearded guy Tyler.

Taylor Kormann

Always an adventurer and explorer, staying active and moving has always been a big part of Taylor’s life.  Whether it’s hitting the tennis courts, hiking a mountain trail, kayaking down a river or running through a new neighbourhood, the outdoors has always been her favourite place to play.

When she’s not busy blazing a trail, you’ll find her up to her ears in details managing events for the digital marketing community. She’s worked as an event planner in the media industry for 10 + years and while she can be annoyingly organized, she loves putting together all the pieces to bring an event to life.

Health and fitness have always been a big part of Taylor’s life and the lessons learned on and off the course have stayed with her and shaped her into the woman she is today. Taylor is very excited to be part of SHE and is looking forward to seeing many more young woman grow their self-esteem and confidence through sports and fitness in the same way she did.

Whitney Bell

Whitney is a proud east coaster who grew up in Halifax. She graduated from Queen’s University with a BComm (2008) and an MBA (2013). During her time at Queen’s, she played on the varsity women’s soccer team and acted as the Marketing Coordinator for Commerce Kids, a non-profit organization aimed at engaging Kingston’s youth. Whitney is a passionate marketer who works at Unilever. She spent a number of years working on Dove, a role in which she is involved with the Dove Self Esteem Project, and is currently working as the Senior Brand Manager on Axe. In her spare time, Whitney loves to travel and stay active. She ran her first full marathon last year and is currently preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Whitney is very passionate about helping adolescents develop their self-esteem through physical activity and is extremely excited to be a part of SHE!

Dianna Moulden

Family. Friendship.  Health.  Happiness

These are the pillars that guide Dianna’s goals and drive her to pursue her passions. Dianna has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, a diploma in Holistic Nutrition, a Master’s in Physiotherapy and a Master’s in Manual Therapy.  Dianna is currently a registered Physiotherapist at a clinic in Ancaster.  Dianna treats all her patients enthusiastically and holistically while trying to restore their mobility and assist them to reach their health & wellness goals.

Dianna worked at McMaster University for 6 years, especially close with female varsity athletes. Upon leaving McMaster she was nominated for a Women of Distinction award for her work promoting health & wellness among young females in the Hamilton community.  This caused her to look for an organization to help promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage participation of activity in young females.  This was when Dianna found Shaping Her Esteem, SHE and immediate wanted to be involved.  Dianna is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this organization and is looking forward to working with young women to promote health and wellness.

Kathleen Perchaluk

26 things about Kathleen, from A-Z: Ambitious, Business junkie, Cottager, Dedicated, Extrovert, Fun, Grateful for the Miles, High five enthusiast, Ironman Triathlete (In Training), Jays fan, Kind, Loves to laugh, MBAer, Nature lover, Organized, Politico, Quick witted, Runner, Sporty, Traveller, Unique, Vipassana Meditator, Wicked dance moves, X marks the spot, Yogi, Zzzzz.