Who We Are:

Shaping Her Esteem (SHE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the health and well-being of young women through the StronGirls program. StronGirls is a free after school fitness and wellness class offered at two locations in the GTA and caters to girls aged 8 - 16. 

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Growing numbers of young girls suffer low self-esteem beginning in their adolescent years and carrying through to adulthood. Our mission is to develop strong, confident and healthy young women through physical activity. We are committed to ensuring that each girl feels valued, included and empowered while participating in our programs.






Through fundraising efforts and community partnerships we hope to expand our StronGirls program across the GTA and beyond in order to empower as many young women as possible. Through peer support networks and exposure to healthy role models we hope to empower the young girls of today to become the confident leaders of tomorrow.