Be In The Moment

Posted on Posted in Motivation

By: Arden Burrows



I tend to be someone who overthinks everything. I also worry about things that haven’t even happened yet – I mean, why enjoy today when you can worry about tomorrow?
In all seriousness though, I think living in the moment is something we can all work on. Take dogs for instance, they don’t dwell on past mistakes or worry about the future (as far as we know at least!)
I was looking at my dog the other day when I was stressed out about school. As I hastily tried to cram everything into my day and worried about the paper I had just submitted, my dog enjoyed every second of her nap, then her dinner, and then her walk. She didn’t seem to be worried about whether tomorrow was going to be rainy or about what the future would be like.
Obviously a dog’s life if much less busy than a human’s, but their laid-back attitude should be a model for how we live our lives. Imagine if we weren’t constantly worrying about every little thing? Life would be so much more enjoyable!
This attitude can also be useful in an athletic context. I get very nervous before races to the point that I almost don’t want to run. I start to doubt myself, I get butterflies just thinking about the race weeks in advance, and standing on the start line I often question why I do this sport. This sometimes leads to me overthinking everything in the race and I end up settling for good instead of great. Some of my best races are when I haven’t thought at all – I just rolled with it and enjoyed the moment.
So next time you find yourself caught up in something in the future or the past, stop and put your energy into what you are doing in that moment.